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Let’s Build Empires Together

Everything about life thrives on the concept of seed time & harvest time, you can’t get more than you put in. It is the planting of a seed that gives value to the seed, it is your “plantedness” in your business(dream) that determines the level of your fruitfulness. You can’t be truly sold out to your dreams & not stand out on Earth.

When I was a kid, I visited my Aunt’s house around 2004, she had a big beautiful house with a pool & 2 cars, I asked her “What can I do to have the same success you gave?” she told me “You have to study & work hard in school”… In 2012, I visited another aunt of mine, who also had a big house, a pool & 2 cars… I asked the same question, she showed me a room full of books, business, personal development & spiritual books, she then said “I study success….” my mom & dad were always people of study, my mom told me, “Successful People Are Readers of Great Books” my dad said, “Only a man devoted to studying will go far in life…”


Nxoyi Empire Investment Group


The Nxoyi Empire identifies properties (properties that produce positive monthly Cashflowincome), we negotiate the purchasing, financing of these properties… We then share these Property Investing Opportunities with the public, becoming partners in co-owning those properties.

The Nxoyi Empire has a portfolio of properties in 6 major cities in South Africa(Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria & East London), with over 100 tenants, paying monthly rental which is then paid to our partners & shareholders on a monthly basis.

King Crypto Investor


Some time ago a friend of mine said, ‘“King you’re becoming a Wealth Creation Evangelist’”… and I actually I called myself at the time “The Rocky Balboa Of Business & Investing” I gave myself that nickname because I felt like I was failing so much, I was going through so many trials such that I called myself the Rocky Balboa of Business because I believed that eventually, I’d succeed, eventually my dreams of being financially free, my dreams of being a voice of inspiration, my dreams of being a beacon/spring of hope for the person who longs to be financially free…

Nxoyi Empire Wealth Consultation Call


We do not care whether you are a beginner or you have been in the industry for a long time, we do have something for you that you will be able to take home too.

Lihle King Nxoyi was christened as one of SA’s Property Magicians by Wealthy Money Podcast:

Catch Lihle King Nxoyi Live on the Keith Ngesi Radio Station discussing Wealth Creation with Lhoza Wamamfene at the Social Crossover!!

www.knrapp.co.za @08:00 every Tuesday, incase you’ve missed out on the previous episodes you can catch up on the following:


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About Lihle King Nxoyi

Lihle King Nxoyi is the President & Founder of the Nxoyi Empire, a Property Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Speaker & Property Coach…
Apart from that Lihle is an artist, his favorite art form is building & working on his vision… He dropped out Grade 12 half-way because he wanted to be a Wealthy man. His story begins in Grade 7 when his parents bought him the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” & taught him that “Successful People Are Readers of Great Books”…

What people say about Lihle King Nxoyi

“After our very first meeting, I thought I’d never hear again from this guy, yet in our first month of working together he signed 3 Property deals..”

Retha Van Rooyen

“Property Investing made simple.”

Sizwe Shabalala

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned from Lihle is if you show up, follow up & follow through, you’ll succeed… It’s 4 months after I got mentored by him, I now have over 4 Property deals signed in the heart of Cape Town, making over R40k per month…”

Desmond Mbanya

“If you want to get your head & mind in the game, he’s the man for you!”

Refentse Moseki

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