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Your partner in Wealth Creation

Some time ago a friend of mine said, ‘“King you’re becoming a Wealth Creation Evangelist’”… and I actually I called myself at the time “The Rocky Balboa Of Business & Investing” I gave myself that nickname because I felt like I was failing so much, I was going through so many trials such that I called myself the Rocky Balboa of Business because I believed that eventually, I’d succeed, eventually my dreams of being financially free, my dreams of being a voice of inspiration, my dreams of being a beacon/spring of hope for the person who longs to be financially free…

When most of my dreams came true, I started wanting to live for something bigger than myself, I started dreaming bigger, I started wanting something of significance, I wanted to build a Company that’ll have so much impact to society such that the Nxoyi Empire would be remembered with the likes of Oppenheimers, Ruperts, Rockefellers, the Fords… I want to create a Legacy, a Legacy that’ll far outlive me being a wealthy man alone. I wanted to be remembered as a man who created wealth & also opened the way for others to make wealth with him…

My Company slogan is “Let’s build Empires together” that’s what I’m about, I want you to be my partner in Wealth Creation, I want everything that I’ve gotten & even more, for you to have & pay it forward by passing on the message to the next person because together you & I can change the world by creating generational wealth together. Gone are the days of us crying about how our parents couldn’t leave us with Wealth or a head start in life.

 I want us to change the narrative, I want us to partner in creating so much wealth such that our children may be able to take care of their children, such that our children may never have to work for money but rather work on their dreams. To find out how we can partner up & be Wealth Creation Evangelists together click on the link below.

Mr. Mchunu, Vusi Novukela & Lihle King Nxoyi discussing how to build Generational Wealth through Cryptocurrencies:


I read not so long ago, that Warren Buffet became the richest man on the planet without having to invent anything…  I’ve studied the man’s habits, I wanted to copy his style or approach to investing, he’s the GOAT in investing in Companies, that have good management, companies that are there for the long term. One of my biggest reasons why I’m heavily invested in Bitcoin is because of cashflow, I earn daily dividends from a global mining farm called Mining City. Mining City one of the top 7 Bitcoin mining operations in the world. They take care of all the technical runnings of the mining operation and I enjoy the profits daily.

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At a time of Wealth Transfer, wealth is transferred from the ignorant, from slack hands… In the parable of the talents the servant who didn’t maximize the talent of gold that was entrusted to him, even the little he had was taken from him. The servants who maximized opportunity enjoyed the fruits of having taken the opportunity to grow. Digital Currency is pregnant & the days of giving birth are

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Digital Money Is Pregnant Money

What most people don’t realize is that digital money is future money, digital money is here, digital money is here to stay… Times have changed we are living in a world that’ll soon be run on a digital economy, this is an opportunity to participate in a revolution, the kind of revolution that is life-changing for you and your family… The next big thing is digital currency, fiat money is losing value every day, one of the reasons why I invest in Cryptocurrencies is because Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they not affected by the government, they not affected by who gets elected to be president, they are not affected by man-made viruses. Cryptocurrencies are recession-proof, in other words even in times of financial difficulty you can invest in Bitcoin & store your wealth in a vehicle that shields your money against the ever declining fiat money. Digital Money is going to birth 4th Industrial Revolution Millionaires, we as Africans missed out on the 1st Industrial Revolution when steam trains were founded, the Henry Fords won in the 1st Industrial Revolution, in the 2nd Industrial Revolution when machines for mass production were founded the likes of Andrew Carnegie became winners, they created tremendous amounts of wealth. On the 3rd Industrial Revolution, the IBMs, Microsoft, Bill Gates, your Steve Jobs & the likes became winners when Computing became a part of our lives… Today, we sit with an amazing opportunity to become the winners of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it’s a chance for Africa to be named amongst the frontliners, it’s time for our unsung heroes who dreamed of a bigger, better & wealthier Africa to part take in the 4th Industrial Revolution… This opportunity is TIME sensitive, this opportunity like all others will be closed & you don’t want to be left out.

Watch the full Presentation here:

How to start mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Vault?

Mining City offers you an opportunity to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Vault profitably. You can buy a mining plan that will earn you coins daily. This is the fastest and safe way to accumulate as many coins as you can. Follow the link below to get started.

Mining City currently has over 200 000 Members, we are in a world with a population of approximately 7 Billion people, can you imagine being part of the below 1% of the total world population that is leading with Digital Currency ushering the 4th Industrial Revolution, let’s build empires together, let’s build a legacy together, let’s mine Cryptocurrencies together…

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