Nxoyi Legacy

Lets Build Empire Together

Nxoyi Legacy

Let’s Build Empires Together

Everything about life thrives on the concept of seed time & harvest time, you can’t get more than you put in. It is the planting of a seed that gives value to the seed, it is your “plantedness” in your business(dream) that determines the level of your fruitfulness. You can’t be truly sold out to your dreams & not stand out on Earth.

When I was a kid, I visited my Aunt’s house around 2004, she had a big beautiful house with a pool & 2 cars, I asked her “What can I do to have the same success you gave?” she told me “You have to study & work hard in school”.. In 2012, I visited another aunt of mine, who also had a big house, a pool & 2 cars… I asked the same question, she showed me a room full of books, business, personal development & spiritual books, she then said “I study success….” my mom & dad were always people of study, my mom told me, “Successful People Are Readers of Great Books” my dad said, “Only a man devoted to studying will go far in life..”

Grade 12 halfway would devote his success to study… Every highly paid professional/individual devoted a portion of their lives to studying/practicing to master whatever profession or field of business endeavor they succeeded in. However, it is only in Business that we find people who wake up & expect to earn R100 000 per month without taking time to study & practice business… Every day, I get pitched by aspiring Property Investors who believe they have great ideas & they always believe that their problem is “access to capital/access to funding”… But money is not the problem, money is the least of your problems… Your problem is a lack of business skills, only highly skilled individuals earn top bracket income. Studying & Practicing Business are the two stabilizers of destiny.

This Property Mentorship program founded by the Nxoyi Legacy does just that, we are all about upskilling aspiring property investors to learn the principles behind successful property investing.

When I had no money, I spent time working for my mentors for free to learn the skills to become a highly skilled entrepreneur, those are the very skills that helped me build my businesses & I want to share them with you.