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One entrepreneur, a philanthropist minded man since childhood, saw his chance to  change the world, so he set out not to only build his own fortune but also to deploy his  gift into the service of helping people escape the rat race & create wealth through  Property. 

He struggled with the idea of honing his idea because his parents didn’t understand his  vision, “how are you going to be a Property Investor without having money?” When this  conversation took place, this young man was in Grade 10, trying to convince his parents  to allow him to drop out of school and rather spend the money his parents spend on  school by spending it on Business Seminars & Events. His parents, big believers &  endorsers of education, owners of a private school in Khayelitsha are in this  conversation with their firstborn trying to convince them to allow him to go against what  they’ve been advocating since 2000. On this day, a deal was struck to keep the boy  focused in school in return for rewards.

Every year after that day the boy kept pushing  his parents to release him from school and his parents wouldn’t let up, up until in grade  12, halfway through the year the boy told his parents “I’m done with school; I’m not  going back there!!”

Man Of Thick Skull??!!

“That was stupid! You were almost done, you could’ve finished up anyway” comments  one of the young man’s elderly neighbours. “You were extremely bright in school, now  what will become of you?” remarks another. “Education is the only key to success”, a  close friend says whilst trying to convince the young man to go back to school.

This was probably one of the lowest points for the young man, it was at this point of time  that the young man was regarded as a public shame, “the son of the owners of a private  school quits halfway through Grade 12”. “I was the meal of everyone who knew me,  when you’re doing Matric almost everyone knows you’re in your last year, your aunties,  uncles, associates, neighbours, church folks, everyone in your circle knows and here I  was handing myself to all of that criticism”, recalls the young man. 

What most people don’t understand about education is that education isn’t a one-way  street. A lot of people are wired to believe that school is the only way to succeed. The  richest guys in the world never tribute their success to degrees, most of them either  dropped out of School/College/Varsity but the question remains how do they make it  without school? What is everyone else missing? Why does one need to qualify for a job  but there are no qualifications to be a business owner/investor? Where does their  education come from? Who teaches this education?

Wealth School For Dropouts

The young man continued going about his vision, attending business seminars, property  events, collecting contacts, meeting business owners and entrepreneurs, taking as  much information as he can. The first year passed, he convinced his parents to give him  one more year to work on his vision, the second year passed and the boy kept begging,  coercing & negotiating his way out of going back to school.

The breakthrough did not  come in the third year, the breakthrough moment came on the 4th year, via meeting  his mentor & teacher Retha Van Rooyen. “It was late last year(2018), October when I  contacted Retha, the year was coming to an end and I was becoming frustrated looking  for a mentor/teacher to teach me the practical side of property and since the year was  coming to an end, my chances of being given another year were slim because it was 4  years of no produce”, says the man.

3 Years Later!!

After meeting Retha Van Rooyen(his mentor), 3 years later Lihle King Nxoyi is acquiring  Properties in Johannesburg, Durban, & Cape Town(currently expanding in Pretoria,  East London, Port Elizabeth & Kimberly), owning over 5 Companies(Nxoyi Empire,  Nxoyi Stone, Nxoyi Legacy, Buhle Nxoyi Empire, Nxoyi Wealth Vault to name a few),  Lihle King Nxoyi is also a radio personality, having his own feature at the Keith Ngesi  Radio Station every Tuesday at 08:00 at “Generational Wealth  Creation with Lihle King Nxoyi” with the awesome Lhoza Wamamfene.  

President & Founder of the Nxoyi Empire, a Property Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Radio Personality & Property Coach… Lihle is an artist, his favourite art form is building &  working his vision. “My dreams are my only plans, that is my only way of living, there are no plan B’s, no backup plans, I succeeded because the only option I had was to work on my dreams.” One of Lihle’s core beliefs is that “Life is Business & Business is Life, whatever it is you want to be, give it the attention it requires of you.. Only a serious approach to life will provoke serious outcomes.”

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